Nail colours to die for

Nail Extensions

 2 Weeks3 Weeks4 Weeks
Infills £28 £30 £34
Full Set £35
Overlays £30
Tip repair £3 per tip
Tip repair (with infills) £1 per tip
Removal £20
Removal & Manicure£30
Lcn nail colour change / Manicure £20


Nail Armour £25
Toe Armour £25


Fingers £18
Infills £21
Toes £18
Infills £21
Fingers & Toes £30

Gel On Toes

Pedique £35


Our feet are often overlooked when it comes to personal grooming, yet next to hands they take the most abuse from
daily activities, The Retreat have developed several services designed to pamper your feet and release the tension
of modern day life.


Retreat toe tidy (file & polish only) £12
Retreat classic pedicure £28
(soak, scrub, hard skin removal, cuticle tidy, massage & polish)
Retreat luxury pedicure £32
(Soak, scrub, hard skin removal, cuticle tidy, leg and foot massage, heated booties & polish)



Retreat polish (file & paint only) £12
Retreat classic manicure
(soak, scrub, shape, cuticle tidy, mini massage & polish)  
Retreat luxury manicure
(soak, exfoliation, shape, cuticle tidy, massage, heated mittens & polish)